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RouterUPS® - When the Power Goes Your WiFi doesn't

Frustrated by Power-cuts while working from home? RouterUPS precisely solves this very problem and keeps your internet un-interrupted during power-cuts. No more VPN, WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Anydesk disconnects while working from home. Experience WFH like never before. #WFHFriendly 

RouterUPS is a purpose built UPS for Wi-Fi Routers, weighs under 200 grams, takes 30 seconds to install and provides power backup up to 4 hours. It's like Magic. 

What does your Wi-Fi network setup look like?

At RESONATE, we have optimised and purpose-built RouterUPS for typical Wi-Fi setups so that your work from home transforms to a peaceful and productive affair.   

Single Device (Router + ONT in one)

Dual Device (Router + ONT separate)