BRP 799 Battery Replacement Program

BRP 799 Battery Replacement Program

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All good things come to an end. Even the battery in your RESONATE RouterUPS device that has been providing you uninterrupted internet for so long. As an ecologically responsible company we are committed to ensure safe disposal of e-waste, reason why we are offering you a battery replacement

Battery Replacement Program for your RESONATE RouterUPS 

Models Applicable : RSNT-RUPS-CRU12V2A, CRU9V1A, CRU5V2A

* Valid for select pincodes only. 

Step 1 :  Get the RMA Number : Speak to our customer care or email (preferably) to obtain a “BRP RMA Number”

Step 2 :  Pack and mention RMA Number: Please pack the product with an outer-box and with all accessories.  Please mention the “BRP RMA Number” on the package. The product has to be shipped by a courier of your choice 

Step 3 :  48-72 Hour Response : We take up to 72 hours from the time we receive the product. The product will go through an 8-point check and the battery will be replaced. If there are any other failures, you will be intimated and only after your consent repair will be taken up.

Step 4 :  6 Months Warranty : Your battery life depends on the usage and we have customers using it for several years. We provide an additional 6 months warranty for the product after replacing this

Step 5 :  Shipped back to you : We will ship your product back to your postal address and this will be free of cost to you.


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