Quick Check for Popular Wi-Fi Routers

RouterUPS is a purpose built UPS for your Wi-Fi Router.  

Here is a quick-list for you to save your time. If your model is not there not to worry, the choice of RouterUPS is purely based on power ratings and not the make/model of your Wi-Fi Router, please refer Self Check Compatibility Section

RouterUPS CRU12V2A
  • D-Link : DSL-2750U, DIR-600M, DIR-615, DSL-2730U, DIR-825 AC1200, DIR-878 AC1900, DIR-816 AC750 , DIR 822, DIR-820L, DIR-842
  • ASUS : RT-AC1200, RT-AC51U, RT-N 12+, RT-N56U B1, RT-AC1200G+, RT-N12D, RT-N10E, RT-N13U B1
  • TP-Link : TD-W8970, TD-W8968, Archer C6 AC1350, TL-WR841HP, TL-WDR3600
  • NetGear : WNDR3400, D500
  • Cisco : Lynksys E900, E1000
  • Alcatel Lucent : I-240G-D, 777VR1
  • AMT : H665
  • Beetel : 7777AP, 450TC2, 450TC1, 450TC3
  • Belkin : F7D8301 v1 
  • Binatone : DT-910W, D500
  • Jio : JC0500
  • Huawei : HG630 v2, HG814G, HG8145V
  • Nokia : G-140W-C
  • Ruckus : ZF7962 
  • Skyworth : CM5100 
  • Totolink : A2004NS
  • Binatone : DT-850W
  • Tenda : TE-N3, TE-N4, N301, FH330
  • TP-Link : TLWR841N, TD-W8961ND, TD-W8960N, TL-WR840N, TD-W8961, TP-Link Archer C20 AC750, AC 1200 C50
  • D-Link : DWR-116, DIR-600L, DIR-605L
  • Digisol : DG-HR3400
  • TP-Link : TL-MR3020, TL-WR720N, TL-WR740N, TL-WR802N
  • NetGear : WNR614, N150 JNR1010V2
  • ASUS : WL-520GU
  • Xiaomi : Mi W-Fi-Naon, Mi 3C 

Note : If your model is DSL-224 then we suggest you to buy an additional AC/DC Adapter as the one that's supplied with DSL-224 is rated very low.  

Note : We are launching soon a variant that supports Google Wifi is 5V, 3A.  The current variant CRU5V2A supports devices only up to 2A.