RESONATE RouterUPS - Self Check Compatibility


For absolute peace of mind we have custom built specific to the common power ratings of WiFi routers available in the market. RouterUPS has three variants CRU5V, CRU9V, CRU12V. 

Choose the right RouterUPS for your Wi-Fi Router. It takes just 60 seconds to choose the compatible RouterUPS for your complete peace of mind. Wi-Fi Routers comes with different power ratings and this page will help you to choose  the compatible RouterUPS for you. Compatibility Look up Test 

Step 1: Check the input power ratings of your WiFi Router and the Power Adapter. The power ratings are typically mentioned in the label behind your WiFi Router.   

Step 2: Your WiFi Router is compatible with 

  • RouterUPS Pro CRU12V3A
    If your router power ratings are 12V, <= 3A
  • RouterUPS Classic CRU12V2A
    If your router power ratings are 12V, <= 2A
  • RouterUPS Classic CRU9V
    If your router power ratings are 9V, <= 1A   
  • RouterUPS Classic CRU5V
    If your router power ratings are 5V, <= 2A.   

Note : Few Routers are not compatible even though it falls under the above ratings, please click quick lookup list

Note 1 : Please note if your Wi-Fi Router is at 5V then CRU12V2A will not work for you. Choose appropriate variants depending on the power ratings of your Wi-Fi Router. 






  1. Purpose Built UPS for Wi-Fi Routers
  2. Weighs 200 grams.  
  3. Up to 4 Hours Power Backup
  4. 30 Seconds Installation, DIY Installation
  5. CE, RoHS Certified Product
  6. One Year Warranty
  7. Built in Safety Protection Circuits
  8. Intelligent Algorithms for longer life of batteries
  9. No Technician Required, Maintenance Free
  10. Delivered Home for your peace of mind