RouterUPS Compatibility Check for Top WiFi Routers


30 Seconds : That's all it takes to check which RouterUPS is compatible for your Wi-Fi router. The below mentioned is a list of popular routers and its compatibility, if you don't find your wifi router model, not to worry, please refer Self Check Compatibility Section  

Not Sure?  Alternately you can reach us out at if you have any doubt the brand customer care team shall be glad to assist you to make an informed choice.


RouterUPS CRU12V2A

Compatible with RouterUPS CRU12V2A  

D-Link : DIR-615, DIR-825, DIR-819, DSL-2730U, DIR-806, DIR-841, DIR-841, COVR 1100, DWR-920V, DIR-600M, DIR-816, DIR-822, DIR-820L, DIR-842, DIR-850L, DIR-869, DIR-868L, DIR-867, DIR-879, DIR-878, DSL-2877AL, DSL-224, DSL-2600U, DIR-817LW, DIR-636L, DWR-921, DIR-655, DIR-810L, DGS-1016A, DAP-2660, DAP-2360, DAP-1650, DSL-2320B, DAP 1665, DIR-819, DIR-814, DIR-841, DIR-1960
ASUS : RT-AC53, RT-AC1200, RT-AC51U, RT-N13U B1, RT-N56U_B1, RT-N 12+, RT-AC1200G+, RT-N12 D, RT-N10E
TP-Link : Archer C6, Archer C60, Archer A6, Archer C80, Archer AX10, TL-MR6400, AX3000, Archer MR200, Deco M4, (Archer A7), Archer C7, Archer MR600, Archer C1200, Deco E4, Deco M5, Deco M6, AX1800, Archer A9, TL-MR6500v, TD-W9970, Archer MR3420, Deco M9 Plus, TL-WR941HP, Archer AX50, TD-W8970, TD-W8968, TL-WR841HP, TL-WA901ND, Archer A10, Archer C2, Archer C55, TL-WR841HP, AC1750 DB, Archer C2300, Archer D20, Archer C20i, Archer C58HP, Archer C59, TL-WDR3600, Archer C60
NetGear : R6120, R6350, Deco M4, R6850, R6080-100INS, R6080-100NAS, R6220, D500, D1500, GS608, WNDR3400, D6000, R6260, R6120-100NAS, JWNR2010, DGN1000, WNR2000-200INS, GS108T-200NAS, GS205, WNR3500L, R6220, GS316, Orbi RBS50, Orbi RBK23, Orbi RBK20-100INS, Orbi RBR 20, Orbi RBS20, GS608NA
Cisco : Lynksys E900, E1000
Alcatel Lucent : I-240G-D, 777VR1
AMT : H665
Beetel : 7777AP, 450TC2, 450TC1, 450TC3, 777VR1
Belkin : F7D8301 v1 
Binatone : DT-910W, D500
Jio : JC0500
Huawei : 2s B312-926, HG630 V2. HG814G, HG8145V
Nokia : G-140W-C, G-2425G-A, G140W-F 
Ruckus : ZF7962 
Tenda : AC10, Tenda AC9, TE-FH1201, TE-FH1202, V300, MW6, Tenda AP5, TE-G103, 4G680V
Skyworth :  CM5100 
Mercusys : MR50G
Linksys : Linksys E5600
Totolink : A2004NS

Buy RouterUPS CRU9V Compatible with RouterUPS CRU9V1A

Binatone : DT-850W
Mercusys : AC12G
iBall : iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN 
Tenda : N301, AC5 AC1200, AC8, D303, F3, F6, TE-N3, TE-N4, FH330, FH303, FH456, TE-D151, E101, Nova MW3, 3PK NOVA MW3, 2PK NOVA MW3, SG108, TE-S105, TE-S16, Tenda i6, O1, W15E, D303, F3, F6, TE-N3, TE-N4 ,FH330, FH303, FH456, TE-D151, E101, SG108, TE-S105, TE-S16 , Tenda i6, O1,W15E 
TP-Link : Archer C20, TL-WR845N, TL-WR841N, Archer C50, TL-WR940N ,  TL-MR100, TD-W8961N, Archer A5, TL-WR840N, Archer MR400, TL-R605, TL-R470T+, TD-W8901N, TD-W8961N, TD-W8961ND, TLWR841N, TL-SG1008D, TD-W8960N, TL-WA730RE, TD-W8951ND

Buy RouterUPS CRU5VCompatible with RouterUPS CRU5V2A
Model : RSNT-RUPS-CRU5V2A   

D-Link : DIR-650IN, DSL-2520U, DSL-2520U ADSL2, DWR-116, DWR-111, DWR-113, DIR-600L, DIR-605L, DES-1005C, DES-1008C, DGS-1008A, DES-1016A, DES-1005A, DGS-1100-05, DGS-1008G, DPR-1260, GO-SW-5G, DWL-1000AP, DES-1008E, DES-1005E, DGS-2205, DGS-2208, DES-108, DGS-1005G, GO-SW-8G 
Digisol : DG-HR3400, JNR1010V2
TP-Link : TL-WR820N, (TL-MR3020),TL-WR902AC, TL-WR740N, TL-WR720N, TL-MR3020, TL-WR802N, TL-SG1005D
NetGear : WNR614, N150 JNR1010V2 
Mercusys : MW325R, r MW301R , MW305R
ASUS : WL-520GU 
Xiaomi : Mi W-Fi-Naon, Mi 3C  

Buy RouterUPS Pro CRU12V3ACompatible with RouterUPS Pro CRU12V3A

Note : RouterUPS Pro CRU12V3A supports all the router's supported above for CRU12V2A, If you require a longer power-backup, heavy user you can buy this.      

TP-Link: RE580D, TGR1900, Archer C7
D-link : DIR-882  
Huawei : HG8245Q
Linksys : WRT1900ACS, WRT3200ACM 
NetGear : R6400-100INS, R6800, EX7000-100INS, EX6200, EX7000, N600, WAC510-10000S, Orbi RBK50, Orbi AC3000, Orbi RBK40 AC2200, R6800, R6700v2, R6400
Tenda : AC15 
Alphion : AONT-1524, AONT-1501, AONT-100C
Netlink : HG323RGW, All Models
Secureye : S-XPON-1000-ONT-R, S-XPON-1000-WDONT-R
UTStar : ONT4842W
Syrotech : All Models


Works with CRU12V3A : Though these routers rated at 12V, <2A they will not work with CRU12V2A model as the rated power is different from consumed power.  (Netlink All Models, Syrotech All Models, DBC HGX-323RGW, Secureye S-XPON-1000-ONT-R,  Secureye S-XPON-1000-WDONT-R, UTSTAR ONT4842W, BDT-121 121, Alphion 1524, Alphion 100C

Not Compatible : 
1) NetGear DGND3700  
2) D-Link </b>DSL-224 - works if you change adapter to 12V/1.5A rated 
3) Google Wifi is 5V, 3A - so it will not work with our current product of RouterUPS CRU5V which handles only up to 2A devices

For Best Results with CRU12V2A : If your Adapter is rated at 12V, 0.5a then suggest to upgrade it to 12V, 1.5A (or) 12V, 2.0A for best performance with RouterUPS