RouterUPS CRU12V2A & DC Splitter Cable (Combo Offer)

RouterUPS CRU12V2A & DC Splitter Cable (Combo Offer)

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RouterUPS can power more than one device at the same time. We have made a special cable to ensure you don't spend more money and provide power backup for two devices.   

RouterUPS DC Splitter Cable works to power two 12V Devices at the same time. The only caution is to ensure both the devices are at 12V and the combined Amperage is <= 2A. 

Where to check power ratings?


 Router (1) Router (2) Will it work?
12V  1.5A 12V 0.5A Yes, Some Airtel Connections have this setup
12V 1.0A 12V 1.0A Yes
12V 2.0A 12V 1.0A No, Please choose CRU12V3 & DC Combo Offer

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